Recipe Card Boxes
Recipe Card Boxes

Recipe Card Boxes

Recipe card boxes, brought to you by The Cookbook People, are a functional and convenient way to store all of your favorite recipes, available in 3 sizes. These boxes are easy to store, and are highly accessible when you need to sort through and select the culinary or confectionery creation you plan to cook or bake. Each one is available in a pleasant and charming design to fit your personal style and match your kitchen theme and decor.

Recipe Card Boxes from The Cookbook People

• Available in 3″ x 5″, 4″ x 6″ and 5″ x 8″ sizes.

• Available in a wide variety of colors and prints, faux leather, oak, maple, and cherry wood.
• Includes recipe sleeve protectors, recipe cards, and recipe dividers.
Scroll down for the wood and faux leather boxes.
4x6 Recipes Boxes - Kitchen Cherry4x6 Recipes Boxes - Portmeirion Botanic Garden4x6 Recipe Card Box - Daybreak4x6 Recipes Boxes - Summer Lemons
4x6 Recipes Boxes - Cafe Toile4x6 Recipe Card Box - Beautiful BloomsRecipe Card Box - Whisk and WhimsyRecipe Card Box-Blackberries
4x6 Recipe Card Box-SunflowersC R Gibson Recipe Box - Heirloom TomatoesRecipe Card Box - Blue HydrangeaRecipe Card Box - Botanical Blue
Recipe Card Box - DaisyRecipe Card Box - DaylightRecipe Card Box - Gladsome AbundanceRecipe Card Box - Lavender
Recipe Card Box - Seeds of Friendship4x6 Recipes Boxes - William Morris Morning GardenRecipes Boxes - My Recipes4x6 Recipes Boxes - Joyful Abundance
4x6 Recipe Card Box -Color My World4x6 Wooden Recipe Box - Tulips Orange Large
4x6 Wood Recipe Card Box - Poplar4x6 American Creations-Recipe-Boxes-Wood Acrylic3 x 5 American Creations-Recipe-Boxes-Wood Acrylic4x6 Wood Recipe Card Box - Walnut
4x6 Wood Recipe Card Box - Cedar4x6 Bamboo Recipe Card Box4x6 Wood Recipe Card Box - Oak4x6 American Creations-Deluxe Maple Recipe Card Box
4x6 Recipe Box - Initial Gourmet Black4x6 Recipe Boxes - Bon Appetit4x6 Recipe Box - A La Carte